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Make the Calm App Come Alive!

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Jane Mackler

Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, INLP, INA

Jane is currently a Behavioral Health Coach at Calm.com, providing stress-management coaching sessions.


At Aura Meditation & Sleep, Jane is a content creator, providing delightful and very effective guided imagery audios.

Jane is a mindfulness practitioner with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Tufts University, a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, and many years of experience doing mindfulness and counseling in the United States, Belize, and Mexico. She was the Founding Director of the Contemplative Education Center at the University of Quintana Roo in Chetumal, Mexico, and the creator of Belize Pathways to Wellbeing in Belmopan, Belize


Janespathways mindfulness work is a unique and effective way to deal with stress. Jane’s mindfulness and guided imagery sessions are relaxing, grounding, and enlightening, all at the same time. The sessions are thoughtfully customized for your personal needs or the needs of your organization, school, or workplace.

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Making the Calm App Come Alive-Personalizing your relationship with the app

Take a tour of the Calm app

Do you have a subscription to the Calm app but are not sure how to best use the app? Although it is quite intuitive, there is so much on the app that having a guide can be helpful as you get acquainted. In one session, I can guide you through the app so you can learn how to easily navigate it and uncover its variety of meditations, podcasts, music, movement, and mindfulness series. We will also focus in on particular interests that you have and which offerings would best serve you! 

Calm Club….Coming soon…..

Are you using the Calm app but would love to delve in deeper and share your experience with others? Many of us use the app on our own, but the experience doesn’t have to be a solitary one. And especially during the pandemic with our social interactions being limited, a Calm app club (much like a book club) is a wonderful way to connect with like-minded people as you go deeper into mindfulness practices. We will meet twice-monthly and look at the variety of offerings on the app together. We will decide on topics for the next meeting and each of us will explore the offerings about that particular area of well-being.  This is a great way to develop your mindfulness practices, as well as be connected to others as we bring more mindfulness, peace, and calm into our lives. 


Private sessions for stress management, sleep strategies, and personal issues 

Small Group Mindful Interludes

A small group session with a topic for discussion, followed by a mindful meditation

Workplace Mindfulness-  Clear and constructive communication. Calmer and more productive workplace environment.

Mindfulness in Education- Teacher burnout. Mindful classroom atmosphere.